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In a field that so often conjures images of tangled wires and beefy mainframes filling up hot rooms, “the cloud” has an almost alarmingly fluffy and ethereal tone to it. Sure, people tout “cloud solutions,” and cloud storage can apparently hold things somehow in some magical, far-off land, but is it something a business should seriously consider using? We think so, and we’ll explain why.

The Cloud, Demystified


The cloud is pretty amazing, but there isn’t really any cosmic secret to its capabilities. What is referred to as “the cloud” is really a network of servers that are shared by multiple organizations. Some of these servers provide storage, while others provide certain cloud services. Microsoft Office 365, for example, provides the services of the classic Office suite accessible from your business through their remote servers.

The concept of cloud computing goes back as far as the 1950s, when computers could take up an entire room all by themselves. Back then, organizations would essentially timeshare their use of the CPU and its data. It wasn’t until the late 1990s, however, that the Internet had enough bandwidth to start providing reasonable cloud services in a widespread fashion. Now it can provide plenty of benefits to an enterprising business.

What the Cloud Can Do for You



Cloud solutions move what would have been housed on servers in-office to a shared network, freeing up several assets.

The main benefits that drive many businesses to connect to the cloud are financial. Sharing infrastructure means you won’t have to pay for maintenance of as much hardware, or for as much power. You pay for what you need, and services can frequently be scaled up or down depending on your requirements at a certain period. You can’t do that as easily running programs from discs or personal servers, and you won’t need to invest in hardware redundancies in case of emergency.

It might seem a bit worrisome at first to have your data depend on someone else’s server network, but most cloud service providers have planned for contingencies. Many keep tight security, as well as own several different server centers that mirror your data and applications. If one goes down, others will be there to keep the workday flowing.

Cloud Solutions Through InsITe


The flexibility of cloud solutions allows us the ability to greatly tailor your business’s storage and application capabilities to what you need now, then expand or contract it in the future. This provides an opportunity to take a deep look into your organization and work out the optimal setup for employees, management, and clients.

If you would like to explore how the cloud might benefit your business’s productivity and bottom line, give InsITe Business Solutions of Zeeland a call at (616) 421-8325. We’d be happy to evaluate your company’s technology health and offer a custom plan for you. Whether it’s moving to the cloud, optimizing on-premise systems, or getting both to communicate efficiently with each other and all your devices, we can help.

What Business Owners Must Know Before Moving Their Business to the Cloud

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