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The Method That Drives Your Value

There was a time when Schlitz Brewing Company was on top of the world beer market, but they found a problem in the name of rising rival Anheuser-Busch. Owners sought means of keeping up demand while remaining competitive. Their solution? Cut the brewing time from 40 days to 15 by replacing much of the barley malt in their brew with corn syrup and accelerating the fermentation process. These moves were effective for the bottom line at first, but they soon found the process would cause the beer to break down into a hazy mixture when chilled. Producers scrambled and found a new solution to this problem: adding silica gel. Yum! Then the FDA started pushing for ingredient labeling on food products, and people knowing they were slugging down silica gel just wouldn’t fly. Desperate, they introduced another anti-haze agent into their beer, but drinkers quickly discovered this substance would cause snot-like flakes to rise up in the liquid.

We don’t hear much about Schlitz anymore.

It might seem instinctive to jump at the first solution found for a problem, but a lack of foresight can have negative consequences down the road. That’s why we employ our ESIM Process in every project we take on, whether you are a new client or a continued partner. A structured approach to your needs is how we find the best solutions and tailor them to your specifications.

So what does ESIM mean?

E is for Evaluate


Your business is no simple machine. It can be composed of many moving parts and many processes happening at once. We begin our assessment by not only documenting your technological inventory, but speaking in-person or electronically with you, your management, and your employees as well. We ask the right questions to clarify the needs you have now and anticipate the needs you might face in the future. Questions that might include:

  • What are your current painpoints or challenges as it relates to delivering a great product for your customers?
  • Are there specific areas of inefficiency through your processes?
  • Are your manual processes increasing the potential for error?
  • What technologies do you use today that work well for you?

There are many more questions we will walk through with you, and once we gather all the information, we will then deliver a gap analysis highlighting evident and potential problems; now and in the future.  The goal is for us to help you leverage 


S is for Strategize



Once the parameters of your technology needs have been defined, it’s time to work with you to develop a “wellness plan” for your business. We take the in-depth understanding of your plans, workforce, and processes discovered through our evaluation to design a holistic roadmap that flows efficiently between your people, departments, and the technology you use.

As plans are discussed, budget is also factored into the strategy. Where acceptable costs and planned work meet is where we move forward.

I is for Integrate


This might be our favorite part. It’s where the IT solutions previously discussed become a reality in your workplace. From improvements to productivity to server support to implementation of cloud-based collaborative programs, we foster the changes that ease employee stress and get services to your own clients moving more efficiently.

We precisely document all the changes made to your business’s systems and programs. Why is that important? Well…


M is for Maximize Results



As we take on tasks and projects with your business, we keep an eye on future needs as well. Plans can always change, and we want to be ready with the best options for you should your company take a new direction or develop new needs. Using what we’ve gathered throughout the rest of the ESIM Process, we can maintain your current systems at top power and efficiency or plan out the most fitting solution for each new opportunity that arises.

The Right IT Solutions for Now and Later


If you’re in search of IT solutions for your business, it’s worth taking a full-circle approach in assessing your needs. Our experts here at insITe are happy to provide a light assessment for free or included as part of an established project. We can also quote an in-depth singular assessment for you, if you wish. Just contact our Zeeland office at (616) 421-8325 or fill out or online contact form to take the first steps toward a solid IT future today.

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