On-site IT Solutions

InsITe Maintains and Enables Growth for On-site Servers

So the cloud isn’t a good fit for you?  That’s ok, we can devise a solid, working roadmap for internal, on-site systems too.

There may come a day in the future where all of our systems and data are contained on the cloud and off-site equipment. Until that day comes, however, at least some of your business’s functions may have their homes in on-site servers. Through our ESIM Method of Thinking, we will help you determine if cloud services are right for you.  The cloud isn’t the only option, sometimes keeping some or all of your data and services onsite makes the most sense based on your specific business needs.  Our Team will help you determine the best course of action, and if cloud services aren’t the right solution, we will build a strategy that includes on-site servers and services where required.

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Specific Solutions for Specific Companies

If you need to build your on-site systems from the ground up, we can organize a secure, consolidated, and efficient system to suit your needs now and into the future. We work with products from Dell, HP, Cisco, Ubiquiti and other trusted hardware partners.

If we determine you should keep some or all of the heart of your business at your company’s home, we are here to guide you every step of the way. From setup and integration to protection and maintenance, we will work with you to ignite an onsite or cloud-hybrid tech strategy that’s optimal for your needs.

Long-Term Solution and Growth Focus

When your servers and data are on-site, you are in control, and solely responsible for its functionality and protection. This includes the way it interconnects throughout your business, its security against invading threats, and how data is archived and backed up. Need cloud backup? A mirrored server in a separate location? We’ll thoroughly assess, design and explain your options.

The hardware element must be considered too. Just like any car, on-site servers require regular maintenance to function at their peak and avoid problems. The physical location of your servers is also important to avoiding environmental hazards, and their power supplies should also be protected against surges and overloading.

And servers are not going to last forever, or may not be able to fully accommodate the needs as your business “family” grows. Planning now in anticipation of a server’s lifecycle and your company’s future needs can help prevent a scramble in the future. We love to explore the growth potential of businesses and can help you devise a solid, working roadmap for your systems. 

All this probably sounds complicated, but that’s where we come in!