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The technology needs of any one company are unique, so there’s no such thing as a tidy package of solutions to hand out on every occasion. You likely have a rough idea of what you need, though, and throughout our E-SIM process, we will come to understand the services you need and the best routes to take toward achieving your goals.

Below are many of the IT services we can provide to improve your data protection and productivity.


Data Security & Protection


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Your data is the lifeblood of your business. It not only contains the means through which you operate, but in many cases the trust of your clients as well. Data is a huge responsibility that requires reliable care.

Deep security measures to keep your data from hackers is crucial, but encryption programs can’t protect your servers from fire and other disasters. There are plenty of options in data protection, backup, recovery, management, and storage, and we’ll work with you to devise the best plan to keep your eggs crack-proof and in multiple baskets.

Cloud Hosting and On-Premise Systems


Your networks and data need homes. Cloud services have proven themselves as viable business tools and are very much worth consideration if you haven’t thought of them as a solution before. They can work together with on-premise systems to provide effective access and backup options.

Whether tangible or intangible, a variety of system setups are available. Let’s talk about the ones that could be best for your company’s needs and protection.


Applications for Productivity and Efficiency



The right applications can make a big difference when it comes to the functionality of your business. Employees must be able to easily access the information they need and clearly share it with their co-workers and your clients. If your applications can’t communicate well with each other, it throws up roadblocks and causes plenty of discontent.

We have partnered with many key cloud service providers to offer a wide variety of organized productivity solutions. Taking the needs of your employees in mind, we’ll make these services work seamlessly between departments, devices, and each other in a way that increases functionality while saving you money.

Need Internet or voice over IP services as well? We can handle that, too.

Device and Mobile Integration


Almost everyone now carries a computer in his or her pocket in the form of a smartphone, and tablets provide even more surfaces on which to interact with data. If you are an organization who wishes its workforce to have flexibility in its corporate access, you’ll want to make sure your networks, data, applications, and printing are all viable through mobile resources.

Mobility and cloud services, including web portals and virtual desktops, can be easily increased and decreased to fit your demand, providing nimble solutions that save on both technology and funds.





One of the first lessons learned in business is that there’s never any such thing as “setting and forgetting.” That’s doubly true of technology. While we work to keep IT solutions as simple and efficient as possible, the occasional problem may still arise, or there may be need for growth or change in the future.

InsITe is a managed services provider that can provide the resources, fixes, and expansions you need right when you need them. We keep detailed records of our work with you so we know exactly what to expect whenever we go back in. From ongoing monitoring to patching to preventative maintenance, let us keep you running so you can do what you do best.

Your business has never been cookie-cutter, and neither is our approach to providing the support, services, and applications your workforce needs. Our experts at InsITe are happy to sit down with you and discuss the tech needs you have now and may have in the future. Contact our Zeeland office at (616) 421-8325 or use our online contact form to get started.

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