ERP Services

Enterprise resource planning is only successful when it’s connected to all aspects of your business. Your business changes everyday. Is your ERP keeping pace? 

Support through the full ERP lifecycle

Gartner Hype Cycle

Selecting a new ERP system or modifying your current one can be a daunting task. Afterall, your ERP should be the one-stop solution that integrates all your departments and functions. At InsITe, along with our sister company, Software InsITe, we support you through the full ERP lifecycle.


According to Gartner Analysts, all new technology goes through the same “hype cycle” and ERP solutions are no different. In fact, the trough of disillusionment has actually been lower when it comes to ERP as we’ve heard it called “the valley of tears”!

There are typically 8 stages to the lifecycle of an ERP system. Here’s how we support you in each one:

    1. Planning & Organization – What was the aha moment or new innovation that made you consider a new ERP? We’ll help document what’s missing from your current system(s) so that you have the basis for a formal RFP and a prioritized list of requirements.  
    2. System Selection – There are a lot of options when it comes to ERPs. We’ll help with vendor selection for the first round and then assist with narrowing selection based on scoring RFP responses.  
    3.  Installation – Most ERPs come with some level of installation support, but their engineers don’t typically understand your business model. With our expertise in business processes, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of the base install.
    4. Data Migration – Before you can migrate your data into a new system, you must cleanse it!  Duplicates, invalid emails, data format inconsistencies, and data entry errors can lead to increased costs and more frustration and resistance from end users who won’t understand that it’s not the system’s fault that their customer data is incorrect.
    5. Training – An ERP provider will train you on how to use their software, not how your processes can be more efficient through the use of their software.  It’s nuanced, but so very true. We can help translate your existing processes in a way that still makes sense to your team.
    6. Testing – Sometimes it’s hard to test something when you’ve lived through the multiple iterations of installation.  An outside resource can spot issues and point out inconsistencies that you may have missed. 
    7. Go Live – Let’s face it:  “Go live” sounds like an instantaneous event but that’s rarely true. As you go live in phases, we’ll be by your side to record bugs, make small updates and customizations, and make sure the launch is successful.
    8. Ongoing (continuous) Improvements What does done look like? When it comes to ERP systems, you’re only done if your business stays exactly the same going forward. We know that’s not true for any business! Partnering with InsITe means that you’ll be able to update your ERP to match your new business needs and make it grow with you.

    Why do You Need an ERP System?

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software that integrates your inventory, operations, finances, supply chain, warehouse, and retail data into a single platform. When a fully integrated ERP solution brings all your core processes together, you get complete visibility into your business, can quickly adapt to market trends, and you can keep your business running at peak efficiency — even when you’re not on premises.

    Create visibility into your work infrastructure

    Become more proactive and less reactive.

    Connect all of your people and processes together

    No matter where they are.

    Checking phone for better deal

    Lower costs

    Accurately track every sale, automate your accounting, and forecast future revenue.

    Optimize your operation

    Prioritize the production of your most profitable products.

    Protect sensitive information

    Eliminate “information silos.”

    Checking phone for better deal

    Create a single source of truth

    For your entire business.

    Is Your Business Scaling without You?

    Let our ERP support services team help you manage that growth with an ERP system that can keep up with the demands of your unique business.