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Give your people the tools they need so you can focus on your mission and never have to worry about your technology. 

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As a Non-Profit Organization, you watch every penny to ensure that you’re making the most out of your funds. This doesn’t mean that you have to be “technology-poor” to demonstrate how you prioritize resources to benefit your goals. In fact, your technology stack is vital to advancing the cause you believe in.


As your partner, we can identify future challenges to your technology and act quickly to resolve current issues that slow your team down. We focus on IT so you can focus on making the world a better place.

A Partner that Gets What You Do

Every non-profit organization is unique, but you all have to make sound business decisions. You also have to justify to your board of directors that the choices you make are oriented toward your mission. Sometimes technology investments can be seen as a luxury. There is a misconception that non-profit organizations can get by with older technology. In the end, this actually hurts the people you are trying to help.

By providing an evaluation of your existing tools and roadmap that shows gains in efficiency and output, InsITe will help develop a business case that makes sense to directors, donors, and anyone else that interacts with your organization.

3 Ways InsITe Can Help 



You need your internal networks to work, and your people need to have access to data and communications no matter where they are. With our Cloud migration and security solutions, we can help you get your people connected and safeguard your data. Whether working remotely or in the office, InsITe will keep your people connected to your safe and secure data.


Every dollar saved is a dollar that goes towards your mission. When technology works, it’s invisible. When it stops working, it’s costly and frustrating. InsITe will help you stay on top of your needs, look into the future, and provide a consistent and predictable IT budget. Instead of worrying about what comes next, the roadmap we provide gives you peace of mind which lets you focus on your important work.


Not for Profits need to use technology, but it’s often seen as a lower priority. New applications that streamline work and improve efficiency are often seen as a luxury. InsITe will help you cut through the clutter to identify what you need and show you how to apply it in ways that will create savings greater than the investment costs.

Case Study: Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids

Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids’ invoicing process required them to be on-site to both approve credit cards and physically file every payment order. When the pandemic hit, they realized they needed a better system to support their hybrid workforce and streamline their financial operations.


InsITe helped Gilda’s Club migrate this process to the cloud. This not only automated a lot of their time-consuming manual tasks and saved them hours in credit card approvals but helped secure any sensitive data.


Find out how Gilda’s Club reduced hours of invoicing into mere minutes using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s Power Platform.

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