Strategic IT Consulting Services

We help you build a technology strategy that doesn’t just support your business goals, it makes your technology a competitive advantage.

Where is your technology leading your business?

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Technology is progressing at an exponential rate — and it needs to — with new threats emerging almost daily and increasing opportunities to leverage technology to improve business. And of course, customer expectations have also changed, driving the expectation of flawless digital experiences. The modern business owner, CIO, or technology leader has to keep the business running today while also planning to leverage technology to support everything else a business needs to grow in the future. Is your IT strategy leading you to success?

Meet your strategic IT consulting team

What if you could align with a team of specialists that you can call in as needed to address the parts of your technology roadmap that either don’t fall under your area of expertise or are too tedious or time-consuming to manage on your own? At InsITe, we practice a “work with” approach to seamlessly come alongside your current IT team and support them as needed.

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Our IT Consulting Services

  • Personalized technology strategy that we partner with you to execute
  • Security and Compliance
  • CapEx versus Opex purchasing decisions and budgeting support 
  • Implementation and overall project management  
  • Architecture planning
  • Operational assessment and benchmarking  
  • Testing, QA and Training 
  • General, technical “Bat Cave” maintenance and updates
IT consultant helping enterprise business with IT strategy.

Optimizing the value of your technology with the Strategic Services Plan


We’ll allocate a flexible monthly recurring bucket of strategic service hours that will be used to implement your technology road map.


Any unused investment funds will accrue to the following month if not used, and can be applied towards other initiatives


You’ll have a consistent, monthly technology spend, offered at the best rate because you planned ahead and committed to a consistent volume of support over the course of the year.


We’ll manage the balance for you. During our regular roadmap meetings, we’ll let you know if you have accrued extra funds so we can discuss the next highest priority items in your roadmap.