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Health Tracking & Reporting Made Easy

This Simple App Automates Health Self-Reporting to Enforce Accountability and Enable Contact Tracing

You Need Health InsITe 365

As COVID-19 continues to be a concern, businesses are asking the question, “How do we monitor our health and safety?” The answer is Health InsITe 365 with its Daily Health Screen Self-Report for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

How Does It Work?

Health InsITe 365 is a health validation form that your team and guests fill out prior to entering your office or a customer’s location. Anyone can fill it out via mobile, tablet, or desktop, from anywhere in the world. You gain peace of mind that each person is declaring that they do not have symptoms of COVID-19. You also gain the ability to do basic contact tracing in case of any future known infections.

Basic Features:

  • Branded self-validation form
  • Smart phone, tablet, and browser access
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Teams
  • QR Code for easy mobile lookup
  • Summary report of surveys completed
  • Alert e-mail to globally designated contact 
  • Multi-language support (Spanish included)
  • Details easily exported to Excel
  • Securely stored (PII & HIPAA compliant)

Available Integrations / Extentions*:

  • Facial recognition
  • Thermal camera integration
  • Advanced notification routing (e-mail direct report)
  • Additional languages
  • Additional workflows and auto-actions
  • Advanced Contact Tracing
  • Line of Business application integration
  • Visitor/contractor location tracking
  • Additional reports and analysis tools
  • Hardware integration (thermometer, temporal scanner, etc.)
  • HR and employee list integration, including time and attendance
  • Door access and badge system integrations

* Integrations and Extentions cost extra. Schedule a call with us to get pricing.

Work with InsITe Business Solutions

InsITe is committed to supporting our shared community during this difficult time which is why we are making Health InsITe 365 available for such a small investment ($500 through August 31). Please take advantage of this special offer to help keep you and your employees and visitors safe.

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