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A Strategic IT Partner Gives You a Competitive Edge

If you’re an owner or president of a company, you treat your business as a living, breathing entity. You want to see it grow and thrive, but there is a lot of competition out there, and even more competition for your time. You know technology is important to what you do but you may be missing out on some big competitive advantages without a clear technology strategy. Whether you have a full IT team or not, a strategic IT partner can help you realize the true value of your technology.


Your technology should support your employees and improve their lives. Happier employees drive increased revenue, and your customers will appreciate it too. The challenge is in trying to figure out what “in order” actually means.  For us, it means learning your business, and strategizing with you and your current IT personnel.  We then evaluate what we see against your business goals and identify gaps that are holding you back. From there, we provide solutions and work with you to implement them.

Technology is more than just systems and applications you use. It is also HOW it is used. 

A Partner with a Secret Ingredient

It might seem instinctive to jump at the first solution, but a lack of foresight can have negative consequences down the road. Our BTSM (Business Technology Strategy Management) method is how we set you up for long term success. We leverage the knowledge and expertise of our specialists to holistically evaluate your business before we help you design a comprehensive technology strategy.

3 Ways InsITe Can Create Success for Your Business



Connect and Secure

You likely have data in one place and people working from a whole number of locations. Not only do your people need access to that data, but it needs to be secure, and it needs to be available to everyone all the time. InsITe can help you navigate Cloud integration, security and recovery solutions, and remote integration of your workforce. Once it’s all connected, safe, and secure, productivity will grow.


Evaluate and Monitor

Laptops, phones, PC’s and maybe even a Mac or two make up the modern office work environment. Your hardware, software and any network integrations make up your Tech Stack. InsITe can evaluate your Tech Stack, map it to your desired goals and show you how to get more out of the applications you currently use. We will even be able to identify areas where your current process can expand to find efficiencies you hadn’t considered.


Monitor and Troubleshoot

Someone has to watch over that Tech Stack and anticipate what needs will come next while keeping it up and running in the here and now. We can document and monitor your systems to keep ahead of problems, help you troubleshoot compliance solutions, and do this either onsite or remotely, whichever works best for you.

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Excellent and professional service! Took the time to set up my Outlook for my new position. Worked around my schedule which was perfect!

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Amazing company and great people to work with. Always timely and efficient. Also well educated on anticipating my needs and helping me with implementation.

You can't go wrong with InSite!

Mary Mylenek

Case Study: Audimute

Audimute determined it was time to update their server infrastructure and after some initial discovery, learned they had two options: purchase new servers, which is very costly, or invest in the cloud.

Audimute was looking for server hosting services and found InsITe Business Solutions, Inc. through the Microsoft Partner Network. The company made it clear they needed help upgrading their server infrastructure and that they wanted to leverage the cloud, instead of relying on their onsite servers and network.

InsITe was able to eliminate the need for onsite servers, shifting Audimute to complete cloudnative infrastructure.

To see how InsITe was able to reduce TCO by 20% over 3 years and over 25% in management costs for Audimute, download the case study at the link below!

 gilda's club case study InsITe