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We help organizations leverage technology to be more effective and efficient through expert led workshops, professional services, and consulting.

Make Technology the Key to Your Company’s Success

The way we work has evolved. There are new work models, new roles, and new expectations — all of which demand a new set of collaborative tools. The Modern Workplace is all about taking full advantage of technology so you can empower your team to work on more strategic tasks.

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Computer Training

Our Approach to Transforming Your Digital Workplace

It can take an enormous amount of time and energy to speak with and train everyone at your organization with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to thrive in the modern work environment. Let our Modern Work and Learning department take the discovery, rollout, training, and support off your plate.

How do we do it?


We Understand

We Customize

We Support

We Coach

We Manage

With employees working from anywhere, are you concerned about how you are keeping their devices and their data safe no matter where they are?

SMS Platform

Get systems management & baseline security for one monthly fee per workstation with prices decreasing as you grow and add workstations.   All the solutions and services a business needs to build a solid technology foundation:   

  • Managed Anti-Virus paired with Managed Detection and Response
  • Web content filtering 
  • Employee security awareness training 
  • Internet and website uptime monitoring
  • Back-up monitoring 
  • Service desk and engineering escalation 
  • Hardware & service contract lifecycle management 
  • Preventative maintenance and patching
  • Available as co-managed or completely outsourced 

Microsoft 365 Platform

Consolidate all of your business technology into one platform that also enables the latest technology and security measures. And there is no better known and trusted name in office software than Microsoft.

  • Hosted email – no more on-prem hardware support
  • The full M365 office suite of software (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • TEAMs - enable your hybrid workforce for collaboration and communication
  • Sharepoint & OneDrive - company cloud file storage, company intranet
  • Power Automate & Forms - automate standard business processes
How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth from your investment in Microsoft? Are you sure your team is using everything you paid for?

Microsoft 365 Value Maximizer

Let’s face it; no one uses ALL of the functionality that comes with M365, but there’s probably more that you should be using. We will make sure! With the M365 Value Maximizer you get continued maximization of your investment in Microsoft. Things like:

  • Assurance that you are always paying the best price for the right service with our audit and license maintenance
  • Ongoing basic user management - adding or editing users, basic admin tasks like new email connector, and day-to-day support
  • Enablement of workstation back-ups with OneDrive, and monitoring storage and sync issue management

Plus your Strategic Services Plan (SSP)

Make sure you're getting the most out of your M365 investment

Do you already have collaborative software like Microsoft TEAMs but still aren’t feeling like it’s helped your team become more efficient?

Modern Work Training & Adoption

TEAMs adoption package - Understand,  maximize and use everything you get with TEAMs. Together, we look at your pain points and find solutions by involving users using TEAMs. We create an agenda of all the questions you have about TEAMs and work through them in  Hands-on workshops of 10 people max in each one.

You have software that you're paying for that can solve many of your hybrid workforce and process issues and we can help you unlock its full potential.




Are you pulling data from multiple places to get a consolidated view of security, productivity, and overall team efficiency? Do you have a complex excel spreadsheet that takes hours each week to show key performance indicators?

Advanced Modern Workplace

Leveraging M365 platform to connect data between systems. Like HR and IT, using Power BI to visualize your data and make better decisions based on it. Key reports are consolidated and available - quickly & easily.

  • Quickly access key data points in one place
  • Make better decisions without referring to multiple systems or spreadsheets
  • Less time compiling data and more time reacting to it or planning based on it
  • Increase consistency and accuracy by connecting your systems and reduce the possibility of human error that comes from manual data entry. 

Plus your Strategic Services Plan (SSP)





Are your remote and hybrid teams having a hard time finding the right files? Is it hard to find and work on the right version of a document?

Company Intranet / Microsoft SharePoint

We work to understand how you share and store data and assets, especially in hybrid workforce situations. Then we’re all about maximizing your current Microsoft investment by using the tool you bought fully. With SharePoint you can:

  • Get organized - bring internal communications to one place so you can make and store company-side announcements
  • Control versions of documents and streamline your approval process
  • Organize files into categories and make them easily findable with advanced search features

Plus your Strategic Services Plan (SSP)




5 Simple Examples of Modern Workplace Training


Paid Time off Reqests

Businesses often require a sign-off process for PTO requests, and often those processes are paper or email approvals. InsITe helps clients move to an automated approval process through the technology of their choice, creating a simple online process to request and approve time off.


Reimbursement Forms: Converting Excel Files to Online Forms

Many companies use multiple Excel forms in too many locations for critical processes. InsITe can help consolidate Excel files, often finding a simple, easy-to-use online form that makes quick work of approving reimbursements for employees.


Communication Overload: Consolidating Phone Calls, Emails, Chats, Meetings

Companies use phone calls, email, chats, and messaging services to conduct business. InsITe guides businesses how to leverage their existing investment in Microsoft 365 to consolidate into one central communication strategy.


Files Everywhere: Organizing and Governing Files

Businesses find files on servers, and sometimes duplicate files on employees’ computers or in subfolders. InsITe guides businesses in their journey to the cloud where files can be organized in a central location, securely, from anywhere.


Chats Disappear: Archiving Meeting Discussions

During Teams meetings, often people will use the chat function to share important information and business notes. InsITe guides businesses in how to leverage the already built-in functions of Microsoft Teams to collect relevant information, whether through chats, file sharing, or attachments that are important to the team.

What are your challenges and inefficiencies?

Case Study: How InsITe helped Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids automate its payment approvals and secure sensitive data

Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids is a free emotional-support community for people living with cancer or grief. When the pandemic hit, Gilda’s Club realized they needed a better way to get their payments approved since a lot of its team was working remotely. Thanks to their partnership with InsITe, what normally took Gilda’s Club hours of printing and processing, now takes minutes. 

Find out how they were able to… 

  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks 
  • Reduce the number of physical operations 
  • Increase security through cloud integration 
    Gilda's Club case study
    Computer Training

    Productivity Check

    Learn ways to:

          • Leverage existing M365 Apps you’ve already invested $$$ in
          • Eliminate non-integrated communications
          • Transform team note taking abilities
          • Reduce wasted meeting time
          • Effectively co-author documents

    Schedule a meeting with our Modern Work & Learning team to begin a productivity check for your organization. Benchmark against other organizations of your size and in your industry.