IT Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance is an endless pursuit of perfection in a fast-changing world. Your innovations and growth shouldn’t be hampered by the fear of a cyberattack.

Discover the right security solution for your business

With ever-changing technology, comes ever-changing security vulnerabilities. With InsITe’s Systems Management and Security (SMS) Platform, your security posture automatically evolves with best practices and tools, so your business stays safe from new threats as they emerge.

  • Proactively updating security protocols (SIEM, SOC)
  • Identifying potential threats and gaps before they become an issue
  • Consolidating your digital identity for easier, ongoing monitoring
  • Educating and updating your entire team so they know how to respond to threats
  • Understanding the unique compliance challenges that you face (HIPAA, NIST, PCI)

About the SMS platform

The SMS Platform is a layered approach to security that includes monitoring, maintaining, and remediating security risks. That means you rest assured you are safe and secure, wherever you are — and across every device.

A list of SMS Packages and Features

Industry Expertise

We like to say “we talk the talk because we’ve walked the walk.” Having worked within other organizations gives us unique perspectives when recommending security and compliance solutions. We’re talking audits and remediation plans for ISO, NIST, ITIL, GDPR, GLBA, PCI, ITAR, and more. Our team has experience securing the following industries:



Professional Services


Leading Businesses

How We Help

Keeping your company secure and compliant is no easy feat as technology continues to advance and laws surrounding how organizations document and store their data practices continue to change. We’ve created security “bundles” that combine our common security and compliance offerings “as a service” or as a single project. In all cases, you get a straightforward strategic plan and budget to get and keep your organization secure.

Not sure what you need? If the problems stated below sound all too familiar, click on the solution to see how InsITe can help.

Everyone has a firewall and antivirus software but is that enough? Are your employees trained on cybersecurity? Are all of your computers patched? What's the difference between antivirus, EDR, MDR, and XDR? Today's threat landscape is constantly evolving and it's hard to make sense of it all.

To start, you need phishing training. Then someone who is constantly researching and updating your security protocols. We do all that and more through our SMS Platform:

Sleep better at night knowing you're always up-to-date on virus and security threats. Get peace of mind knowing that we’ll train your employees to help avoid breaches in the future. Better trained users make fewer mistakes, which equals less risk of malware and ransomware. 

InsITe’s Systems Management & Security baseline product includes: 

  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Managed Detection and Response 
  • Installation of a systems management & monitoring agent 
  • Website content filtering 
  • Employee security awareness training 
  • Internet and website uptime monitoring 
  • Back-up monitoring 
  • Service desk and engineering escalation 
  • Hardware & service contract lifecycle management 
  • Preventative maintenance.  

 And it’s flexible.  The InsITe SMS package is offered co-managed or completely outsourced (InsITe-managed).   

 Ready to get started (without spending a dime)?  In 30 minutes we can assess your security baseline and offer a path and estimate to your future state. 

Your team is always working hard to get things done. But are they juggling too many different programs from different vendors? This can make it impossible to collaborate and keep everything compliant.

Microsoft M365 Platform

Consolidate all of your business technology into one platform. And there is no better known and trusted name in office software than Microsoft.  

  • Microsoft hosted email 
  • The full M365 office suite of a software (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) 
  • TEAMs - enable your hybrid workforce for collaboration and communication 
  • SharePoint & OneDrive - company cloud file storage, company intranet
  • Power Automate & Forms - automate standard business processes

Are you already running M365 and still struggling to keep up? Consider a security assessment and then add on our Strategic Services Plan. We'll partner with your IT team and divide and conquer, taking work off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Do you use M365 for office work but are unsure if you’re doing everything to avoid security breaches?

M365 Core Security:

InsITe's Systems Management & Security (SMS) baseline bundle brings a layered approach that includes:

  • Simplified multi-factor authentication set-up
  • Self-service password reset
  • Password-less sign-on (optional; with your company branded single sign-on page)


  • Risky sign-in review
  • Monitoring potential threats and notifications
  • Evaluating & recommending new security practices (based on Microsoft Secure Score)

Plus your Strategic Services Plan (SSP)

Are you a small IT team, already stretched too thin? Are security and compliance things you’d like to hand off entirely so you can focus on other, more strategic projects? Are you a business owner that is worried about losing a client if compliancy is not correctly met?

InsITe's Strategic Services Plan

With our Strategic Services Plan we work alongside your team to provide security compliance assessments and continual security and compliance management. We have got you covered. 

  • We build, secure, maintain and protect your on-site server network when and where you need it.
  • We’ll help you balance user experience with smart and proactive security to protect your valuable assets in an efficient way.
  • Enable always-on technology and stop worrying about downtime, disasters or data loss.
  • Audits and remediation plans for ISO, NIST, ITIL, GDPR, HIPPA, GLBA, PCI, ITAR and more. 
  • The Strategic Services Plan also helps you accurately predict your technology spend for the next year and gives you the flexibility to change where you spend it.
My IT systems are working well but I'm concerned with new security compliance requirements within my industry. Can you help me ensure we comply?

Advanced Security and Compliance

This is the security platform for busy IT managers or business owners that want to outsource it all and stop worrying about it! We start with a thorough assessment of everything you currently run (on-prem + cloud-based) and then present you a full plan showing exactly how we’d prioritize and roll out the plan, and then we’d continue to manage the whole thing for you.

The setup includes:

  • Deployment of single sign-on
  • Mobile device inventory, security assessment, and management
  • Mobile device application deployment
  • Custom data loss prevention.

And Ongoing:

  • Disaster recovery management
  • Security updates and best practices
  • Automated security updates to cloud storage
  • Co-Managed SEIM
  • Application white-listing

Plus your Strategic Services Plan (SSP)

Benefits of Working with InsITe for Security & Compliance

For The Business Owner

  • Sleep better at night knowing you’re always up-to-date on security threats in general
  • Receive simple metrics to measure your security and show progress
  • Outsource ongoing maintenance and general security updates so your IT team can focus on more strategic projects  
  • Extend the capabilities of your IT Team with our team of experts instead of adding more headcount  
  • Consolidate technology bills into one total bill with our Technology Roadmap, an annual plan that simplifies your budgeting process 
  • Receive an outside perspective on your current security state

For The IT Pro

  • One view (BrightGuage dashboard) of key security and compliance indicators  
  • Ongoing monitoring without you needing to do anything 
  • Stay focused on important issues and strategies while InsITe handles the minutiae  
  • Outsource workstation support and employee training and anything else you don’t care to do every day (keeping the things you do like to do) 
  • Get an outside perspective on your current security state 
  • Get access to the latest in cyber security and compliance without attending, reading, or researching every new advance or change that rolls out

    Partner with the Best in Security

    As technology advances, so does the opportunity for cyber-attacks. Cyber security specialists continue to emerge to keep pace with innovation. InsITe partners with these great companies, creating a complete, world-class security solution and managing the relationships, pricing, and updates so you don’t have to.

    ConnectWise SOC
    Cisco Umbrella
    Microsoft Intune
    Arctic Wolf
    Threatlocker Logo
    Cisco Meraki Advanced Security
    Knowbe4 Logo
    Printerlogic Logo

    Need a bit of Everything?

    Ask our IT Advisors about our simplified business bundles that connect our custom platforms with consulting and advanced engineering services!

    Download InsITe’s “Practical Security Defense Guide”

    Learn More: Read our “8 Crucial Steps to Protect your Business” blog.

    Download: “InsITe’s Baseline Security Checklist”

    Download this free checklist to make sure that you’re covering all of the basics when it comes to hardening your infrastructure to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. From password policies to vulnerabilities in physical hardening (like your printers!), you’ll get a solid look at all of the areas that need protection. If this seems overwhelming, reach out to one of our advisors. Their job is to help you sleep better at night!