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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

We specialize in the ever-changing demands of office security, mobility, and hybrid cloud solutions. See how your business can benefit from our cloud services.

Endless Capacity

Cloud solutions move your data from on-site servers to a secured environment, freeing you up to worry about business, not IT.

  • Open doors to faster innovation, improved staff and partner access, and quicker time-to-market; the difference of minutes versus weeks
  • You’ll find that cloud services often have integrations with other services, saving you money when the need arises to tie systems together
  • Both hardware- and software-level redundancy protect you from loss of data

Pay For What You Need

You pay for what you need, and services can frequently be scaled up or down depending on your requirements at a certain period.

  • Cloud solutions allow you to pay for the resource usage you need while taking advantage of scale and reliability
  • Spreading the cost of large purchases out over time is more beneficial in the long run
  • Cloud services operate on a subscription model, where your cost is based on usage over time, preventing you from spending all of your budget at once

World-class Security

Everything from world-class security & redundancy, to built-in disaster recovery.

  • Data centers and mature infrastructures like Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) are designed with intense security best practices
  • Equipment is monitored and access to the premises of data centers is heavily secured
  • Cloud DBaaS are built with strong threat prevention, robust access control, isolated VM instances, IPSec VPN connections, and encryption at rest and in transit.
  • In fact, there’s a very good chance that these cloud infrastructures are more secure than the solutions you’re currently using

Do You Know Which Technology Should Be Kept Onsite and Which Should Be in the Cloud?

The right mix of on-premises and cloud technology will optimize your system performance, provide resiliency, and reduce risk.

We’ve Saved Some of Our Client’s Over $50,000! How Much Can You Save?

Most businesses are spending money on cloud solutions that are not aligned with their business needs

A critical part of getting the best value out of cloud solutions is managing the cost, and chances are you are paying too much. Take advantage of our FREE analysis for your business  that shows where you can save money and squeeze more value. Our Cloud Cost Analysis & Optimization services have saved some of our clients over $50,000! Our Team manages the entire process, evaluating your current costs so we can create a strategy to reduce your costs, optimize your cloud solutions, and extend the value. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation.

  • Takes only a few hours to complete, and it’s FREE
  • Take advantage of a possible 25 – 30% savings on average
  • Kick off your long-term technology strategy with savings

What We Provide

Cloud Optimization and Cost Assessment

Cost optimization is a long-term technology solution that saves money down the line for future gains.

Cloud Strategy, Migration, and Risk Mitigation

Making the transition to the cloud requires the careful planning and strategy InsITe can confidently provide.

InsITe is a Microsoft Certified Partner

InsITe is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider and can offer benefits to businesses others can’t.

Compliance offerings- the largest portfolio in the industry


of Fortune 500 Companies trust their business on the cloud

New Azure customer subscriptions per month

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Let Us Help You Optimize

Simple and Free

Did we mention the assessment is free? If you’re already using Azure, there’s nothing stopping you from seeing how InsITe can optimize your costs and save you money!

Justify Costs

Build data-driven answers to questions about cloud costs and ROI and go from justifying IT costs to providing cloud-based business value.

Reduce Cloud Spend

The lack of cloud cost optimization
processes is resulting in significant waste in public cloud spend. On average, 25 percent of cloud spend is wasted.

Cost Optimized

Transition from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) part of the cloud stack, to Platform as a Service (PaaS), reducing complexity and cost of management.

Visualize Cloud Spend

See exactly what is costing you the most and understand the options for reducing costs, or taking advantage of the services you are already paying for.

Manage Cloud Spend

Make the most of Microsoft and other cloud services ongoing through better monitoring, allocation, and optimization of your costs, so you can invest where it counts.