Application Development and Integration

From the top floor to the shop floor, InsITe will help you bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern solutions.

Built for your business

In today’s world, you cannot lead your industry without technology. But off-the-shelf software will only take you so far. Our application development consultants and engineers understand you and take the time to understand your needs before they build solutions. Work faster and smarter with custom and customized off-the-shelf applications solutions designed for your unique business. We’ll help you integrate all of your people, processes, and systems.

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Why our clients choose InsITe for Application and Development and Integration

Is it possible to streamline your administration processes for greater efficiency?

Here are some of the ways InsITe has been able to help companies like yours improve the efficiency of their administration teams.


Process optimization & workflow

  • Accounts payable workflow and auto entry from e-mail
  • Customer service ticket entry and tracking automation
  • Customer service portals
  • Employee onboarding automation
  • General HR management
  • Payment processing – Stripe, PayPal, Square

Content & Collaboration

  • TEAMS custom collaboration apps
  • Electronic data capture & processing
  • Employee portals
  • Controlled document solutions for compliance
  • Employee training and certification management (LMS)
  • Time tracking and management
Is there a way to increase efficiency, safety, and profitability with your manufacturing processes without all new equipment?

Insite can keep you connected from the warehouse to the shop floor so you can scale your business with efficiency and flexibility.


Embrace Digital Transformation

  • PLC and work cell integrations
  • AI-based vision inspection and quality validation
  • Shop floor transactions with barcoding and PLC data
  • Modernizing controls for older equipment
  • Supplier portals with WIP and outside processing management
  • Capacity planning
  • Drag & drop scheduling
  • Production reporting equipment status
  • Rejects
  • Work-in-process tracking & reporting
  • SCADA and process control
  • Production monitoring dashboards with KPIs
  • IoT integration of legacy equipment
  • Q.A. test results and validation
  • Quality management and standards validation
  • Production holds
  • Deviation tracking
  • Continuous improvement tracking
Can you streamline your distribution processes to achieve better visibility and inventory optimization, to improve your overall efficiency?

InsITe can help you keep your customers happy by improving the way you get products from point A to point B.


Improve Distribution Efficiency

  • Load and line-up creation and scheduling
  • Shipping container fill rate management
  • Freight rate shopping integrated with sales orders and purchase orders
  • Compliance labeling for AIAG, GTIN, and other standards of shipping documentation – ASN, BOL, packing slips
  • Mobile apps for service delivery and billing
  • Manifest creation and management
Are there any solutions that can improve the way you do inventory management to get things done quicker and easier?

InsITe can help you find a solution that will help you streamline your inventory management processes.


Inventory Management Improvements

  • Lot and serial number controls
  • Full lot traceability with book-ending and full documentation
  • Planning, replenishment, and aging
  • Inventory and warehouse transfer
  • Cycle counts
  • Inventory tracking & adjustments
Can you maximize your ERP software's capabilities or will you need to upgrade or purchase something new?

InsITe can help you get more out of your ERP software whether you want to install something new or improve on what you already have.


ERP Solutions that work for you

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and customization
  • ERP selection consulting and implementation
  • SAP Business One document management and attachment
  • Material certification
  • Barcode labeling
  • Quality release workflows
  • Customer portals
  • Custom job scheduling
  • ELD and EFS integration
  • Job management and scheduling

Case Study:  ITW Drawform

How InsITe helped ITW gain visibility into their inventory location and status

ITW Drawform was manufacturing approximately 1 million parts per day, and 400,000 of those go to outside processors and then are received back in for finishing and shipping.


ITW Drawform was struggling with timely information on delayed or shorted shipments due to a lack of visibility into the status and location of their inventory.


This caused issues with knowing what material was available to send to their suppliers and what was ready to ship to the customer, which caused major operational problems.


Our customized solution enabled ITW Drawform to grow from $40M to over $100M without adding additional employees. Download the case study to see how we were able to meet these challenges!

From the top floor to the shop floor

InsITe Business Solutions offers custom application development primarily through our sister company, Software InsITe.  From the top floor to the shop floor, our development team has extensive experience in the manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and logistics industries. With a focus on the Microsoft development stack, we integrate existing applications and build custom applications that help you make better business decisions.