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Don’t Be the Next Equifax – Properly Invest in Data Protection!

Staying up-to-date on security and data protection is necessary to guard against a breach or loss of information. Anything that is connected to a system, including mobile devices and tablets, can create a vulnerability if not properly implemented and secured.

Part of our operational security includes over 3,500 cybersecurity experts across different teams that are dedicated to security research and development.

What We Provide

Complete Protection

Ensure data protection across all of your systems and data storage locations. InsITe will provide long-term disaster recovery solutions based on the whole picture.


Fully Managed

InsITe provides Managed Backup Services that can protect you end to end on a continual basis. Have specific recovery requirements? We’ll come up with a plan!

We Make It Easy

Our assessment will quickly uncover gaps and opportunity for improvement, no commitment required. We then provide a plan and cost estimates for improvements.


Your operating systems will be up to date and contain the latest, most compatible protections. Devices, apps and data will work together in concert, riding the line between security and functionality.

Get Back to Business Faster

Reduce risks of disaster due to failures or data loss with backups and storage in the cloud

  • Unplanned downtime costs between $926 to $17,244 per minute
  • Hardware failure is the leading cause of all unplanned downtime, and power outages account for 35% of unexpected downtime
  • 12% of companies can’t recover data once it has been lost and recovery efforts eat up 25% of staff time when they occur
  • The cost and time waste put towards recovering lost data makes a Data Recovery plan well worth the investment

Protect Against Breaches and Attacks

Reduce risks of breach and virus infection with built-in cloud security

  • Identify which activities or requirements should be tracked
  • Implement tracking and on-going assessment of compliance against regulatory requirements
  • Provide actionable insights and step-by-step guidance to help improve your data protection capabilities
  • Help you understand and use all the functionality included to simplify and streamline compliance

Manage Your Recovery

InsITe provides a fully-managed cloud based recovery solution on a secure, world-class platform

  • If disaster strikes, we’ll connect your data to your back-up infrastructure and recover your network and applications as part of our cloud recovery solutions.
  • With InsITe, you can customize your approach to recovery by determining which processes you would prefer to handle yourself and which you would like us to manage – up to 100% – backed by our trusted service

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Our Clients’ “Aha!” Moments

The team at InsITe has consistently provided timely, value-focused services and the quality of the technical support has been outstanding. InsITe’s staff members are knowledgeable and friendly, and the services are always tailored to the individualized needs of our organization. I would highly recommend InsITe’s services to any company requiring cost-effective and customized IT services in West Michigan. The results promised were achieved and more! We are looking forward to our next project with the team!

Doug Zylstra 
IT Manager, Plascore, Inc.

…I have worked for several MSPs before working here. You are not the leading firm in Michigan, from my perspective, you are one of the leading firms in the nation. This approach is exactly what I was planning to execute when I was considering launching my own MSP.
I’m so happy to have found you all.

Chris Bruscato
Tech Specialist, One Wish LLC

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