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When it comes to connecting technology to your business, we’re here to make your life easier. We’ve provided some resources to guide you in making great decisions.

10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your IT Provider Today

Is your technology provider optimizing your technology investment?  This document includes an email template to send to your IT provider in order to receive an answer to that question!

In this article we have provided 10 questions you should ask your current provider immediately to find out how well they are really taking care of you in the areas that matter most.  For each question I have provided some guidance for how to evaluate responses, as well as information that will allow you to better understand any potential risks you may have while under the watch of your current provider.  I have also provided an e-mail template at the bottom of this article that you can simply copy and paste into an e-mail to send to your current provider.

What You Should Know Before Migrating to the Cloud

The purpose of this brief guide is to provide business owners and decision makers a clear, easy-to-digest explanation of just what cloud computing is and the ways it improves how we do business. Tips are also provided for those who are seeking a cloud solutions specialist.

Regardless of who you choose for cloud-based solutions, it is never a decision you want to rush into without the proper analysis and strategy. By the end of this guide, you will have a better understanding of the cloud and the questions to ask when it comes to how cloud services can apply to your business.

InsITe’s Practical Security Defense Guide

Global attackers are targeting all organizations, large and small. And despite any intentions to store all data onsite, the reality is every organization’s employees are transmitting or storing organizational data externally on a regular basis; they simply may not know how or when.

In order to help recognize and prevent associated security breaches, our team of experienced security engineers have identified the top threats, and have provided tips to prevent breaches and vulnerabilities caused by these threats within this guide. Download this practical security defense guide to help you protect yourself today.

Security Check List

Use this checklist to perform your own mini technology security audit, and make some quick improvements to your security today. Circle or highlight the actions you want to take, then check them off as you complete them.

17 Things You Are Missing in Office 365

Why is Office 365 so under-utilized? Simple – inexperienced and misguided technology providers. That’s right, the primary reason our new clients had not yet used some of these useful and business impacting features of Office 365 is because their previous technology partner simply didn’t show them! Has your current technology provider shown you? In a sense, today’s typical technology providers are stealing from you, wasting your investment by limiting it to simply “supporting you”, and paying no attention to how technology should actually drive you forward.

In our experience, a simple investment of 1 day of Office 365 training and feature demonstration time can unlock tens of thousands of dollars in value from a system you are already paying for. It’s just not that hard, and it may be the best investment you make in a long time.

The features called out in this article are designed to expose you to just some of the valuable pieces of Office 365, most of which you already own.

Connected Device Security Assessment Spreadsheet

Each device on your network can pose a potential threat to your entire network. And if your business is not secure, hackers can to get into every single device connected internally and control it. Before you know it, production is at a standstill.

In order to protect your connected devices, it’s important to assess which ones have been installed in operations and which systems they are connected to. One way to do that is by creating a detailed inventory list of your connected devices.

Download our free, easy-to-use Connected Device Security Assessment Spreadsheet that will help you list and assess all the devices you have, secure your operations, and identify possible threats that could come up.

Check out our blog to learn more about this topic!

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