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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Productivity Workshops

Our Workshops are FREE, Interactive, Hands-on Sessions in The Microsoft 365 Suite. What you learn is immediately applicable to your business situation. You’ll walk away with five tangible skills that you can implement tomorrow in your work. 

The way people work together is evolving. The modern workplace has introduced complex projects, varying workstyles, cross-functional roles, and geographic diversity and calls for a complete set of collaboration tools that will enable modern workers to be successful. Along with collaboration, you also need technology that protects you against emerging threats. Microsoft technology secures this digital transformation by applying these protections in a tightly-integrated, comprehensive platform with unique intelligence and vendor partnerships.   Our hands-on workshops are an engaging way for business leaders to better understand the technology solutions they have access to (or would like access to), leading to secure collaboration, business process improvements, and improved workplace environments.  

These aren’t your typical events. You won’t see slides, demos, or sales pitches. Instead, you get to work with our Microsoft Certified Trainer to test drive the tools that will help your business grow. Microsoft provides all of the equipment and sets up a test environment so we can explore all of the different apps and services without the fear of ruining anything in your real tenancies.  

What to expect at the session:

  • An interactive, instructor-led, hands-on learning experience to better understand the tools you use everyday and what’s available in Microsoft Office 365 to make your job even easier
  • A custom session designed around you and your colleagues’ interests, priorities and needs and how you can apply the entire Microsoft 365 suite (including Teams, SharePoint, Planner, OneDrive, Power Automate (formerly called Flow), etc.) to your own business scenarios
  • A facilitated walk-through of a live environment in the cloud to explore what’s possible and experience first hand how Microsoft can solve your collaboration and security challenges
  • Fun! Each participant will select a character or “persona” to play for the session

What NOT to expect at the session:

  • A sales pitch that leaves you unfulfilled with more questions than answers

Microsoft Teams Productivity Workshop

The way people work together is evolving, and unique projects, work styles, functional roles, and workforce diversity call for a complete set of collaboration tools. This is a unique workshop for Business Decision Makers to experience a hands-on session centered around how the Microsoft 365 Suite can make work life easier and more productive. 


Register for one of these unique, interactive events and experience firsthand how Microsoft Teams helps turn diverse groups of people into high-performing teams, and how Microsoft 365 enables workers to be as productive and efficient as possible while making sure data is always secure and accessible.

During this interactive session, you will explore:

  • The different collaborative and communication tools offered with Microsoft 365, and best practice on when and how to use each
  • How to communicate through chat, meetings, and calls, and how to customize your Microsoft Teams to fit your specific business needs (including how to incorporate all your other work tools into the platform)
  • The security and productivity features offered when your documents are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • The true value of collaborating together with integrated M365 apps, including multi-person editing, tagging, metadata, version history, and more!
  • How you can improve your data tracking and simple business processes by using Microsoft Lists.

Tell us your challenges and we’ll take a deep dive into the ways Microsoft Office 365 Suite can solve them.

 “I enjoyed the workshop because it gave me live hands-on experience on how Office 365 could work me and for our team. The content was geared around our specific requests and had general information on the programs. The InsITe team was very knowledgeable and made the session fun and informative. I felt that the workshop was very beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering switching to Office 365 or wants to know more about how it can work for you.”

Connie Perry

Executive Assistant, Rua Associates

Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace Automation Workshop

Have you heard? Automation is here to help make your life easier – data entry, form fill capture, and any number of business processes can be automated with Microsoft 365; can you think of any part of your job that could be automated? It sounds great, but how do you take advantage of these time-saving benefits? 

In this unique workshop, Business Decision Makers, Department Managers, and Administrative Executives will learn the basics of how to create their own Microsoft 365 automations. With the help of InsITe’s M365 experts, you will learn how to create a standard paid time off (PTO) request using Microsoft’s powerful apps. This engaging session is designed to teach you the tools you need to create your own custom automations and improve your day-to-day business processes.

Streamline your processes and save yourself hours each week! Register for this workshop to experience firsthand how Microsoft’s apps and Power Platform will give you the benefits of time-saving automation. 

During this interactive session, you will explore:

  • Understand the process for creating custom automations in M365
  • Develop a Power Automate flow involving many critical business process actions: Getting approval, tracking requests, sending email notifications, etc.
  • Create a form with Microsoft Forms and learn how forms data interacts with SharePoint.
  • Create a SharePoint list for tracking, monitoring, and storing form data
  • Experience the immense value and limitless opportunities of process automation using your already-integrated Microsoft 365 apps!

If you’re tired of doing tasks that you KNOW could be automated, then you need to attend this workshop! Learn how Microsoft 365’s Power Platform will streamline your business processes and save you massive amounts of time.

“This program was great!  It was so helpful to take time to really explore some of the benefits the Microsoft products offer and, more importantly, how they work together to optimize your productivity.  I recommend taking a look at this fun and informative training session…our office is utilizing many of the things I learned.”

Sue Zolman

VP, Business Operations, NET(net), Inc.

Webinars on Demand

You may have missed the live event, but you can still catch these events on recording. 

Teamwork – Getting Work Done in a Virtual World

The way we work today is changing dramatically. Along with that, the definition of “team” has changed as well. More people are working remotely than ever, and businesses are looking for ways to promote virtual teamwork without compromising productivity. Microsoft Teams to the rescue! If you’ve not seen Teams used to solve real remote teamwork issues, you are missing out on a comprehensive solution that solves the challenges of working remote. 

Learn how to fully utilize Microsoft Teams to…

  • Access and share content from anywhere with Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile apps.
  • Connect and work together across multiple projects and get important notifications in real-time.
  • Coauthor files simultaneously with popular Microsoft Office 365 apps, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Organize work with everything relevant in one place.

With the recent increase in COVID cases and the continued movement to work-from-home, we’re here to help you make remote work a reality for any team. 

This webinar is available on demand

Modern Workplace Webinar

With all of the hype surrounding cloud computing and cloud-based solutions, do you ever wish you could simply ask an expert how your business could benefit from a cloud strategy? Well, now you can. We’re offering a live webinar that will quickly cover the top benefits of moving your business to the cloud and then leave the majority of the time to answer your specific questions.

Led by Microsoft expert Shanna Freeland, we’ll cover typical business issues for companies running on-premise software or hybrid cloud solutions like:

  • Difficulty sharing information (especially now; with the home office and virtual workforce)
  • Unsecured file sharing
  • Fragmented solutions, multiple log-ins
  • Too much email
  • No centralized place to collect team input and No ability to collaborate in real-time 
  • And much more!

With the recent increase in COVID cases and the continued movement to work-from-home, we’re here to help you make remote work a reality for any team. Attend our webinar for a quick, 20-minute overview of all the ways you can save money, secure your business, move to the cloud, and then ask our experts specific questions about your business.

This webinar is available on demand

5 Awesome Office 365 Technologies that Enable Work-from-Home

We find ourselves in interesting times. The COVID-19 Pandemic has made working from home a necessity. Is your business operating well with employees at home? Not sure? We’ve got just the webinar for you!

Join Seasoned Technical Trainer Shanna Freeland and Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze for a webinar that will show you some of the key technologies in the Office 365 stack that allow your workforce to be productive from home. In this webinar we’ll be covering:
• OneDrive for Business
• SharePoint Online
• Web-Based Office Tools
• Microsoft Teams
• Microsoft Stream
• And more!

With the right tools working from home can be just as productive (or even more so!) as work in the office. This webinar will show you the tools needed to do the job.

This webinar is available on demand

Tightening The Belt: Short-Term Tech Savings You Are Probably Missing

The COVID-19 crisis has businesses facing many difficult decisions. Are you a business owner or executive looking to cut expenses and optimize your spending? We’ve got just the webinar for you!

Join CEO, Mike Schipper, for a webinar that will show you how to categorize expenses, save costs, and allocate funds to the right spot. In this webinar we’ll be covering ways to optimize your spend on:

  • Hardware purchases
  • Servers, maintenance contracts & associated maintenance services
  • Cloud-hosted servers and services
  • System backup services
  • Internet  & E-mail Services
  • Phone service and equipment
  • Software subscriptions (cloud or otherwise)
  • Security subscriptions and services (Antivirus, web filtering, etc.)
  • Service desk support services
  • And more…

Optimizing in the short term is a great way to understand your costs, and begin building a longer-term strategy that will help you make better decisions and control your costs in the future.  This webinar will help ensure you invest in the right solutions. 

This webinar is available on demand

*NOTICE TO ALL PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES – Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education: This is a Partner event where items of value, which will include food and beverage, will be available at no charge to attendees.
Please check with your ethics counsel to verify that you are permitted to participate in this event and receive items that may be offered.