Keep your school and your students secure

Safeguard your learning environments and accelerate learning opportunities with a fractional IT team.

Schools we work with

Legacy Academy of Excellence
Schoolcraft College
Henry Ford College
Western Michigan University

Getting the most out of your technology doesn’t have to be this hard

Leaders of educational institutions have more competing priorities on their plates than most CEOs! Add to that a giant shift in how we educate (remote and hybrid models) and an increase in cyberthreats, and IT for Education can quickly get overwhelming for even the greatest of administrators. Our fractional IT team has the experience and technologies to take IT off your plate. From special projects, to ongoing support, our flexible “work with” model can layer onto any IT department and increase efficiencies, while saving money.

Why does Education Expertise Matter? 

  • When your technology isn’t working, the calls come from everywhere.  Parents, instructors, students… having expertise in Education means that we know the implications of a down system and how to prioritize and communicate the response plan across very different audiences. 
  • Education has cycles and typically a start and stop date.  Unlike a typical business, an Education IT expert knows that there are ebbs and flows, a start and a stop, that align with semesters, trimesters, and academic year ends.  They staff for these busy times and are prepared.  
  • Schools are funded differently than businesses. The IT team needs to understand how to budget and plan for items that can be included in the operating fund versus a general fund.  Understanding the bond process and how to account for IT expenses and investments is crucial to staying in budget. 
  • Technology serves a higher purpose in education than it does in general business.  Instead of focusing on profits, an IT partner that understands education will be focused on people. This means doing the right thing to align with a school’s mission, resulting in a better experience for students and teachers.

How We Support Your IT Department 

  • Microsoft 365 implementations, renewals, and license management – because Microsoft provides a great platform for teachers and administrators, but it’s hard to keep track of how many licenses you need, and what you currently have (versus what you need). 
  • Microsoft 365 support and training. In a hybrid world, video conferencing and collaborating on tasks digitally only happen when everyone knows how to use the tools.  We excel at TEAMs training and optimization! 
  • General desktop security and compliance.  We can take the constant updates and patches off your plate, keeping you secure and compliant.
  • Cybersecurity training & risk mitigation.  Did you know that the number one cause of cyber-attacks is employee error? If you’re not trained to spot the imposters, you’re just one click away from inviting a cyber-terrorist into your institution, 
  • Azure migrations and cloud solutions.  We can help move your digital assets into a secure cloud, ensuring organization and access from anywhere (for authorized personnel only). 

We get it — operating budgets are tight! Most educational institutions don’t have the budget to support a large, internal IT department that can keep up with all of the current and new technologies. That’s why it makes sense to partner with a fracitonal IT & Education expert like InsITe. With flexible plans and month-to-month contracts, we’ll act as an extension of your current team, taking tasks off your internal team.