IT Support for the Healthcare Industry

Protect your data and your people so you can deliver better patient outcomes without worrying about emerging threats.


HIPAA-compliant systems that fortify your security measures

It is getting increasingly difficult for medical providers to do their jobs well and stay in compliance when they have vulnerable networks, too many kinds of medical software, and inefficient technologies. From community health centers to specialty practices, to long-term care, to large health systems, we know the specific and unique challenges you face. Our HIPAA-compliant systems reduce the stress of your day-to-day by keeping you and your data safe.

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Why does Healthcare Expertise Matter?


There are unique security challenges and increased risk in Healthcare.

According to a national survey prepared by the AMA, more than 80% of physician practices have already experienced a cyberattack. Because of the sensitive nature of patient data, cyber criminals tend to target healthcare more often than other industries.

Compliance regulations are complex.

It takes a specialist that understands HIPAA and other compliance standards to keep you current on all the latest rules and regulations.

Innovation is happening faster in healthcare than other industries.

The shift to electronic health records, open and integrated databases, system integrations, cloud services, and telehealth require a strategic approach with practical expertise to execute the right technology in the right order.

How do our healthcare IT services and support help?

They allow you to deliver better care.

  • Automation of current manual processes like getting and tracking referrals, time off requests, and more.
  • Training of employees to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft investment while avoiding security threats.
  • Hardware procurement and product lifecycle management – from laptops to servers and everything in between.
  • Desktop support — with a Michigan-based support team.
  • Networking set-up and management for distributed locations and offices.
  • Data security and compliance management (HIPAA, X, Y, Z).
  • Data backup and disaster recovery.
  • And more… 


You need a partner.

In most cases, healthcare providers don’t have the budget to support a large, internal IT department that can keep up with all of the current and new technologies. That’s why it makes sense to partner with an IT & Healthcare expert like InsITe. With flexible plans and month-to-month contracts, we’ll act as an extension of your current team.