Business Apps and Analytics Boost Productivity

Gain Understanding and Efficiency through Data Insights

Take data from different sources and make sense of the madness. Unlock insights to guide critical business decisions. InsITe is able to integrate data from existing applications, build custom business apps, and leverage data analytics to keep companies informed and ahead of the game.

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What We Provide

Partnering with Key Cloud Providers

InsITe has partnered with key cloud service providers including Microsoft, VMware, and Amazon to provide a strong platform for a variety of applications to suit an organization’s unique needs.

Cost Effective and Future-proof Solutions

Applications in the cloud often leave a smaller footprint on your budget than legacy onsite only applications. The lifelines of communications, sharing, and organization can be maintained.

Boost Profitability and Productivity

Make sense of the data generated by connected products, machines, processes, and employees. The data can be analyzed for the individual user, for the manufacturer, or companywide.


Don’t let your data sit unused! See what insights your products, machines, or employees can tell you about what’s going on in your company and start making better decisions today.

Gain Insights

The company that understands and supports your systems is best positioned to build the tools for productivity and data integration.

  • Build custom applications that save your business time, close gaps, provide valuable insights and make the work day all that much easier
  • Make sense of the data generated by connected products, machines, processes, and employees

Cloud Power

You pay for what you need, and services can frequently be scaled up or down depending on your requirements at a certain period.

  • Gain access to data from a multitude of devices. From desktops in the office to a tablet on the warehouse floor, everyone is on the same page
  • Data now has the ability to be freely accessed from a multitude of devices and extend data direct to customers extends their value greatly—from desktops in the office to a tablet on the warehouse floor, a mobile device in the field or a vendor/customer

Boost Productivity

Everything from world-class security & redundancy, to built-in disaster recovery.

  • Open doors to faster innovation, improved staff and partner access, and quicker time-to-market: the difference of minutes verses weeks
  • The right integrated strategy for workplace applications and data can improve business by increasing productivity, and keep your workforce productive and aware, even when challenges arise

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Our Clients’ “Aha!” Moments

The team at InsITe has consistently provided timely, value-focused services and the quality of the technical support has been outstanding. InsITe’s staff members are knowledgeable and friendly, and the services are always tailored to the individualized needs of our organization. I would highly recommend InsITe’s services to any company requiring cost-effective and customized IT services in West Michigan. The results promised were achieved and more! We are looking forward to our next project with the team!

Doug Zylstra 
IT Manager, Plascore, Inc.

…I have worked for several MSPs before working here. You are not the leading firm in Michigan, from my perspective, you are one of the leading firms in the nation. This approach is exactly what I was planning to execute when I was considering launching my own MSP.
I’m so happy to have found you all.

Chris Bruscato
Tech Specialist, One Wish LLC

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