The InsITe Team is full of manufacturing experts who strive to make your business a safer and more productive place to work.

Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions for Manufacturing

Connect It

InsITe provides technology for the office AND the shop floor so you can get the data you need about everything in your business.

Collect It

Take data from different sources and make sense of the madness. Unlock insights to guide critical business decisions.

Analyze It

Don’t let your data sit unused! See what insights your data can tell you about what’s going on in your business and how to be more productive today.

Does Your Current Tech Provider Speak Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0?

Whether it’s supporting your production data collection systems, managing quality document revision, monitoring your PLC and HMI systems, or simply improving your processes to drive efficiency, you need a technology partner who understands your industry- and you’ve come to the right place! InsITe is highly focused on the manufacturing and supply chain industry and we understand the leading technology solutions these companies benefit from.

Manufacturing Technology: It’s What We Do

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The right mix of technology can have a huge positive impact on your manufacturing business. InsITe has helped many manufacturers optimize technology and business processes. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve the same results for your business.

What We Do for Your Business

Improve Efficiency

InsITe has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, allowing us to build unique connections between the shop floor and the front office.

Improve Safety

Use AI (Artificial Intellegence) technology to spot problems, improve building security, and verify right people are on the right machines.

Boost Profitability

Find effeciencies using the data generated from connected products, machines, processes, and employees to boost your profitability.

“InsITe has been providing manufacturing technology services for us since 2013. The team at InsITe has consistently provided timely, value-focused services and the quality of the technical support has been outstanding. InsITe’s staff members are knowledgeable and friendly, and the services are always tailored to the individualized needs of our organization. I would highly recommend InsITe’s services to any company requiring cost-effective and customized IT services!”


Doug, IT Manager, Leading Manufacterer