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If there is one sure thing about data security, it’s that it never remains static. In a 2016 high-profile case, the federal government threatened to force Apple to provide a way of cracking the security on a criminal’s iPhone. Apple was resistant to do so, but it ended up not to matter—an unknown third party stepped in with the key to getting past Apple’s latest system.

Companies such as Apple are always working to remain one step ahead of nefarious people seeking exploits to access data they shouldn’t. If you value your data—and your customers’ trust in giving theirs to you—your company needs to retain all the right up-to-date data protections as well.

Server Protection


While the Internet has opened up so many fast, useful lines between companies, employees, customers, and services, it has also added more potential ways for hackers to access sensitive data. It’s not just computers anymore, either. Anything that is connected to a system, including mobile devices and tablets, can create a vulnerability if not properly implemented and protected.

When we work with you through our ESIM process to determine the best tech solutions for your business needs, we keep data security a priority. Operating systems must be up to date and contain the latest, most compatible protections. Different devices and apps must work with each other in seamless ways that don’t compromise their workings and leave exploitable openings in their armor.

Again, data security is not something that can be set up once and left to stand against the ages. Even the mightiest system fortresses will crumble over time as hackers innovate new ways to create and exploit vulnerabilities. Think of security more as a race, with your company keeping at the front of the pack. We carefully document all we do with your technology, so we can run regular security maintenance and updates without tripping anything up.

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Data Recovery


Keeping data away from hackers is one thing, but there are other disasters to keep in mind. Data-storing hardware can be vulnerable to fire, electricity, water, magnetism—it’s like nature abhors a server, really.

If the unthinkable happens, there can be attempts at recovery. The ideal solution, however, is a backup of all your data, regularly updated and kept in a separate location. The cloud has become a very reliable option for data backup, and we are pros at setting up safe, secure means of archiving data digitally. We also work with extra physical solutions if desired, although these can take more work and prove riskier to protect from disasters.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% impenetrable data security. Just ask Apple. But taking measures to keep your systems and data protection up to snuff can make it all the less likely that your information can be broken into and stolen. At InsITe, we take security seriously, and will devise hardware and software plans that will keep your business miles ahead of possible hackers. Call our Zeeland office at (616) 421-8325 and let’s discuss how we can keep your protection a priority.


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