Mobile Integration

There was once a time when an employee on the road would need to find a payphone or hotel line to reach back to headquarters. Then came massive cell phones and fashionable bag phones for the car. Today, the ways we can reach people and information over long distances is hardly an afterthought. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have made accessing what we need easier not only when abroad, but within the office as well.

People in general are becoming more attuned to mobility every year. A survey conducted by Cisco predicts that the average number of personal mobile devices a user will own will climb to more than six by the year 2020. We have come to expect many of the services we take advantage of to have some form of mobile representation, and employees are coming to expect their work responsibilities to have mobile interfaces, too.

Mobile integration is opening your network and resources to easy access from the right portable devices. This process includes creating formats and interfaces that adapt to whatever is being used to access them while still communicating well between multiple machines. This can allow Ted to get into his account from Maui and print out the notes Susan needs for her presentation, saving the frantic rush to try hacking into his computer with variations on his dog’s name.

Cloud services are a valuable ally in mobile access, providing a hub for data and applications. New programs and technology tend to be formed with the cloud in mind, and the cloud capacity your business wants or needs can be adjusted at any time. Your company’s mobility can be built on flexibility this way, adapting and evolving based upon the solutions you need, the equipment you have to work with, and your budget.


With greater accessibility does come greater responsibility. As companies adapt mobile integration, their policies on privacy, etiquette, and information sharing will likely need to be updated as well. We can help you through the entire process, first by using our ESIM Process to gain a full understanding of your business goals, employee needs, and technological capabilities. We will work with you to create a road map to provide the solutions you need, whether they involve remote desktops, cloud services, mobile applications, or more. We’ll set up proper security for your access, and document everything as we update your systems to get a handle on any problems in a snap.

Mobile integration takes your company and places it in your employees’ hands, no matter whether they’re in-office or out-of-town. With easier lines of communication and adaptive accessibility, evolving your infrastructure can make for fewer frustrations and greater peace of mind in the office.

If you are thinking about mobile integration or any other ways to build your company’s technical prowess through the future, contact InsITe Business solutions at (616) 421-8325. Our expert staff in Zeeland, MI will be happy to discuss your goals, either over the phone, in-office, or even over lunch.


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