The Future is Mobile, Are You Prepared?

Case Study: Boosted Collaboration for LakeShore Elite Fitness

Boost Teamwork, Collaboration and Productivity

If a company’s technology strategy doesn’t include mobile accessibility of applications, data, and tools they might be falling behind the competition.


of companies expect their employees to use personal devices for work


of companies already have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) friendly policy


of respondents said apps improve business processes in a 2016 CITO Research study


20% of those respondents said apps gave them a competitive advantage.

Ready to Work from Anywhere?

Go mobile with InsITe to increase mobility while staying secure and integrated. We offer a quick starter assessment for mobility that includes a free trial off Office 365!

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What We Provide

Mobile Integration

A proper mobile integration strategy allows for easy access to company resources from approved portable devices. 

Mobile Security

If not done properly, mobility can leave you susceptible to malicious activity. InsITe understands these needs, and has you covered.

Microsoft 365

Cloud services, like Microsoft 365, are a valuable ally in mobile access, providing an “always-on” hub for data and applications.

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Whether it’s supporting your production data collection systems, managing quality document revision, monitoring your PLC and HMI systems, or simply improving your processes to drive efficiency, you need a technology partner who understands your industry- and you’ve come to the right place! InsITe is highly focused on the manufacturing and supply chain industry and we understand the leading technology solutions these companies benefit from.

Benefits of Office Mobility

Enabling the workforce to easily access applications and data, collaborating with other team members quickly, and completing a critical presentation from anywhere can prove to be a huge asset..

Improved Work Environment

Flexibility Empowers Employees to Remain Productive

  • Mobility removes barriers for increased collaboration and brings employees, customers, and suppliers together
  • 83% of global workers believe technology advances have enabled them to be more productive. Organizations that introduce tech advances attract talent and reduce churn
  • Managed mobility services can be scaled, allowing businesses with remote workers to grow exponentially
  • When implemented, mobility can automate routine processes, provide real-time data, and help address challenges

The Bottom Line

Increase Your Revenue Potential

  • Gone is the need to spend large sums purchasing on-site equipment and upkeep for those systems
  • 85% of IT managers think that allowing office mobility has made their company more efficient and led to cost savings
  • Implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) reduces overhead costs, with some saving up to 25% in voice and data costs. Employees work on the devices that sue the interfaces and application they’re most familiar with

“From my perspective, you’re not only the leading firm in Michigan but one of the leading firms in the nation. I’m so happy to have found you all!”

—- Chris Bruscato, Tech Specialist, One Wish LLC

“The team at InsITe has consistently provided timely, value-focused services and the quality of the technical support has been outstanding. InsITe’s staff members are knowledgeable and friendly, and the services are always tailored to the individualized needs of our organization. I would highly recommend InsITe’s services to any company”

—- Doug Zylstra, IT Manager, Plascore, Inc.

“Mike and his team at InsITe have been extremely great partners and have helped us determine what exactly we need as far as software and technology needs. We appreciate everything he has done for us!”

—- Lori Hibma, Owner, CP Solutions

“We trusted Mike to take over our infrastructure, build our WAN and establish a practical but resilient network at several manufacturing locations. The InsITe team delivered and continues to be an important extension of our IT staff.”

—- Hugh Bartels, IT Manager, ITW Powertrain Metals

“I reached out to Kim via email about an issue I was having with my external monitors. She opened up a ticket within 2 minutes and my phone rang 1 minute later. The tech was someone I hadn’t spoken to before but there was no need to go through the usual 10-minute introduction you always get the first time at any service desk.”

—- Andrea Alterman, Senior VP, Net(net)