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Businesses that do not adopt cloud services in some form are projected to fall behind their market by an average of 20%

Don’t be left in the dust wishing you would have considered leveraging the cloud to extend your business when you had a chance.  If you are still unsure whether or not cloud is safe or financially or technically feasible, you have to take advantage of our FREE Cloud Migration Feasibility assessment!  Leveraging our ESIM Methodology we will work with you to understand the options, advantages and possibilities with leveraging the cloud – Most importantly, how cloud services will transform YOUR business and MAINTAIN YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.  Start working with InsITe and begin with understanding, succeed with strategy.

  • Our advisors will evaluate your costs, risks and unique business needs
  • Pay for what you need, and services can always be scaled up or down
  • We leverage only the best cloud service provider partners that protect your assets
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Compliance offerings- the largest portfolio in the industry


of Fortune 500 Companies trust their business on the cloud

New Azure customer subscriptions per month

Optimize Investment

Cloud services shift expenses from upfront hardware and software costs to economical pay-per-use operating fees, often with no long-term commitments.

Improved Agility

Open doors to faster innovation, improved staff and partner access, and quicker time-to-market– the difference of minutes verses weeks for on premise solutions.

Advanced Security

Cloud DBaaS are built with strong threat, robust access control, isolated VM instances, IPSec VPN connections, and encryption at rest and in transit.

IaaS vs. PaaS

Transition from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) part of the cloud stack, to Platform as a Service (PaaS), reducing complexity and cost of management

Feasibility Report

We provide a custom migration strategy, and risk mitigation as we take all of a business’s potential risk factors into consideration.

Budget Plan

Making sure you have a complete understanding of how much things will cost now and over time is our goal. We provide a complete overview of all hosting costs.

Additional Free Assessments

Cloud Cost Analysis

Already on the cloud? Take advantage of our FREE analysis for businesses showing where they can save money and squeeze more value.

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Security and Compliance Review

The game has changed, are you prepared? With this FREE initial assessment, we’ll determine your security posture and provide recommendations.

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Disaster Recovery Review

Our Disaster Recovery Review will validate your safety, and if there are possibilities for improvement, or cost savings, we’ll find them!

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