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We’ve Saved Some of Our Client’s Over $50,000!

Most businesses are spending money on cloud services they don’t need or use

Already on the cloud?  A critical part of getting the best value out of cloud services is managing the costs, and chances are you are paying too much.  Take advantage of our FREE analysis for businesses showing where you can save money and squeeze more value. Our Cloud Cost Analysis & Optimization services have saved some of our clients over $50,000! Our Team manages the entire process, evaluating your current costs so we can create a strategy to reduce your costs, optimize your cloud services, and extend the value.

  • Takes only a few hours to complete, and it’s FREE
  • Take advantage of a possible 25 – 30% savings on average
  • Kick off your long-term technology strategy with savings
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Simple and Free

Did we mention the assessment is free? If you’re already using Azure, there’s nothing stopping you from seeing how InsITe can optimize your costs and save you money!

Justify Costs

Build data-driven answers to questions about cloud costs and ROI and go from justifying IT costs to providing cloud-based business value.

Reduce Cloud Spend

The lack of cloud cost optimization
processes is resulting in significant waste in public cloud spend. On average, 25 percent of cloud spend is wasted.

IaaS to PaaS

Transition from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) part of the cloud stack, to Platform as a Service (PaaS), reducing complexity and cost of management.

Visualize Cloud Spend

See exactly what is costing you the most and understand the options for reducing costs, or taking advantage of the services you are already paying for.

Manage Cloud Spend

Make the most of Microsoft and other cloud services ongoing through better monitoring, allocation, and optimization of your costs, so you can invest where it counts.

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The game has changed, are you prepared? With this FREE initial assessment, we’ll determine your security posture and provide recommendations.
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Disaster Recovery Review

Our Disaster Recovery Review will validate your safety, and if there are possibilities for improvement, or cost savings, we’ll find them!
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Read how InsITe helped Novo Building Products increase cloud performance and reduce costs by 44%!

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